Patron and Judges

Jade Oakley – Patron and Judge

Jade Oakley – Ravenswood Alumni – is an artist who creates artworks that connect communities to their environment. Jade has worked as a public artist for 15 years, making sculptures that explore nature and provide moments of reflection and discovery in the urban environment. Jade creates delicate, joyful artworks in her studio practice which are adapted to become enduring public artworks. Jade is intimately involved in the process, collaborating with architects, designers and fabricators to transform the artwork made with her own hands into large scale sculptures through sophisticated, innovative fabrication processes without losing the ‘magic’ of the original work.

Jennifer Turpin – Judge

Jennifer Turpin — a Ravenswood Alumni — is an environmental artist who has created award winning public domain artworks at the interface of art, science, nature and the built environment for over 20 years. Many of these works are a collaboration with artist Michaelie Crawford. Working with nature’s elemental energies, the artworks engage water, wind and light as sculptural media. They are rhythmic, responsive and transformative ‘performances’ in the everyday life of the city. Playful and contemplative, the artworks make visible the invisible and highlight the elemental forces of nature so often taken for granted.

The environmental projects are both permanent and temporary and often involve the extensive participation of local communities. The participatory projects are highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted and incorporate educative as well as art outcomes.

Jennifer and the Turpin + Crawford Studio team work with scientists, engineers and specialist designers and fabricators to realise their innovative sculptural projects. She has participated in numerous public domain design teams in Australia and internationally in the role of artist, curator and cultural planner.

Kathryn Hendy-Ekers – Judge

Kathryn Hendy-Ekers — a Ravenswood Alumni — is the Visual Arts Curriculum Manager at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. She is responsible for the Visual Arts and Media curriculums from F – 12. Kathryn trained in NSW at the College of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education. She is an experienced educator with teaching experience in Primary and Secondary schools both in Victoria, interstate and in South East Asia. She has an interest in the relationships between curriculum and the Arts industry through teaching and learning in art galleries and museums and the role of artists working in schools. Most recently Kathryn has been working on the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum and the development of whole school Arts education programs. She is currently studying a PhD in Visual Arts education and curriculum development in art museums and galleries with Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.  

Kathryn Minkley – Judge

Kathryn Minkley is a Visual Arts practitioner, educator and the Head of Visual Arts at Ravenswood School for Girls. Kathryn qualified with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the former Alexander Mackie College of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Visual Arts) from the University of Technology Sydney. She is an experienced educator and artist and has a passion for Australian Contemporary Indigenous Art. Kathryn believes in the importance of creativity and for today’s students to develop an understanding of diverse cultures through the Visual Arts.

Lara Merrett – Guest Judge

Lara Merrett is an artist who works within an expanded field of painting, with a deep understanding of the interplays of colour. The artist imagines all the ‘geographies of space, atmosphere and physicality’, layering and pouring water-based materials directly in a process. The artist and works are always driven in part by their material exigencies but so too by their conceptual sources drawn from literature, nature, community, and activism in protection of the natural environment. Merrett often works in-situ, intuitively responding to the physicality of her surrounding space and architecture. In 2018 commissioned for the Jackson Bella Room at the MCA Sydney and in 2019, by The University of Queensland Art Museum to produce ‘High Stakes’ a two-part project culminating with a large installation inside the museum. Her work is held in numerous public collections, including the University of New South Wales, Artbank, Bundanon, Macquarie Bank, Sofitel Hotel and UBS Australia.

Katrina Collins – Guest Judge

Katrina Collins - a Ravenswood Alumni - is a passionate art educator and artist. With a Bachelor of Art Education and a Post Graduate Degree in Painting, Katrina has had a dual role of practising artist and art educator in a wide range of contexts for 40 years. Katrina has a keen interest in contemporary art practice and in particular in the artwork made by women. Katrina was Head Teacher Visual Arts at SCEGGS Darlinghurst from 1989 to 2019 and has taught and mentored countless students who now populate the world of Visual Arts as artists, art educators, academics, curators, film makers, architects and designers in both Australia and internationally. With her art practice travelling alongside her active role in art education, Katrina has vast experience of the process of art making and curating and hanging art exhibitions. Katrina was awarded the Emerging Artist Prize in the inaugural Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize in 2017 and is now devoting all her time to painting.