2023 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners

Professional Artist Winner

Maria Fernanda Cardoso – Actual Size V (Maratus Madelineae)

Emerging Artist Winner

Alethea Richter – Untitled (Dissolution 1)

Indigenous Emerging Artist Winner

Freyja Fristad – Interference of Perception: Rhopography (Lamp)

People’s Choice Award Winner

Louise Zhang - Lucheng (One Part of Home)

Congratulations to the 2023 Highly Commended Recipients

Professional Artist category

Laresa Kosloff – Radical Acts

Jill Orr – Southern Cross Reclaimed 1

Emerging Artist category

Chris Gleisner – Draped Triangles

Zena Vix – 8 Pieces of Cutlery

Indigenous Emerging Artist category

Sonia Namarnyilk – Mimih Spirit

Basma Nulla - Yawkyawk

Live Stream of the Opening Night and Announcement of Winners.

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Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize Catalogue 2023

Congratulations 2023 Finalists

Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize


First Name Surname Artwork
Marion Abraham 'For The Love Of It All', 2023
Kim Anderson Metamorphosis
Sally Anderson Sea Town Lawn Roof Song with NO's Vessel
Diana Baker Smith She Speaks in Sculpture
Kylie Banyard Touching Silver Princess
Ella Barclay Enhanced Entanglements
Marion Borgelt Liquid Light: Oceans Deep No.1
Mechelle Bounpraseuth Bánh mì 4eva
Angela Brennan Lounging in the doorway of two worlds at once (again)
Jane E Brown The Crystal Palace, 2022
Maria Fernanda Cardoso Actual Size V (Maratus Madelineae)
Chris Casali Blue Note
Vita Cochran Review
Sarah Contos Two Minutes and Six Seconds of Bubblegum
Yvette Coppersmith Banded Field
Maryanne Coutts Balcony Day
Carolyn Craig Unravelling: a Citational Homage to Grace
Judith Nangala Crispin Beside the Kings Highway, Adam crosses over…
Tamara Dean Turbulence, Palace of Dreams
Samantha Dennison The Influence of Flora
Michele England Time for Swift Change
Emily Ferretti Mingle 2022
Anna Glynn Eurotipodes - Colonial Capsize
Naomi Hobson Under the Poinciana Tree
Natalya Hughes Two Girls with Umbrella
Leila Jeffreys Bonsai No. 1
Kate Just Anonymous was a Woman
Roslyn Kean Crossings - Sydney Harbour Bridge
Laresa Kosloff Radical Acts
Elizabeth Kunoth Kngwarray Yam Seeds
Joanna Lamb One Day Like This
Fiona Lowry Hibiscus
Marie Mansfield Just Outside the Wilderness
Deborah Marks The Uncertain Territory Between Self and Other
Regina McCarthy Bamagaya Yenggiba (Paperbark)
Moya McKenna Two Bridges, 2022
Kate Mitchell Contract Work
Christina Newberry Hybrid Flower Pod Series
Nellie Ngampa Coulthard Tjuntala Ngurangka (Country with Acacia Wattle)
Jill Orr Southern Cross Reclaimed 1
Emily Parsons-Lord The Magnitude of Marjorie
Elizabeth Pulie #113 (A) & (B)
Sonya Rankine Nharangga Yarda Yardlu (Narungga Land Sea)
Lyn Raymer Newtown Plaza II
Victoria Reichelt The Human Race Has, Maybe, Thirty-Five Years Left
Tracey Schramm You Can't See Me
Gemma Smith Haptic Bounty
Leyla Stevens Patiwangi, the Death of Fragrance
Jacqui Stockdale Heads of the Family
Hiromi Tango Kokurui (River of Deep Tears)
Marie Simplicia Tipuamantumirri Winyiwinyinga (King Brown Snake)
Susie Vickery Pride
Natasha Walsh Whispers Threaded Together Under a Rolling Sky
Nat Ward Field of Wild Flowers #2
Christina Waterson Joy and Grief, Hope and Fear 2022
Mirra Whale The Procession
Jodie Whalen A New and Different Sun
Madeleine Winch Soliloquy
Louise Zhang Lucheng (One Part of Home)
Caroline Zilinsky Somewhere over the Rainbow


First Name Surname Artwork
Miri Badger Storage in Motion
Pattie Beerens Clay Lace
Fiona Bowring Come Fly
Jane Michaele Cameron The Ants Go Marching
Raquel Cobb Sunset at the Lookout, near Ross River, Central Desert
Jasmine Crisp She Returned to the Land of Far, Far Away (Self Portrait at Adelaide Airport)
Lana Daubermann Across the Creek
Lou Derry Golden Haze, Far North Queensland
Sophie Dumaresq The Hairy Panic Untitled #15
Sarah Edmondson Now
Amanda Galbraith Charlie, Alex and Others
Chris Gleisner Draped Triangles
Amanda Hale Heat and Dust
Christine Hall Creativity in Progress
Maureen Harley Tramore
Naomie Hatherley Keeping Score 6728-6725
Sammy Hawker Voices [Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre]
Rebecca Hosking Kuarka Dorla Estuary Journey
Sandra Kiris Journey II
Angela Knight Icebreaker
Cat Lawrance Rendezvous? (Interval Seven)
Karen Lee Peranakan
Maddy Lee Seasons in the Northern Hemisphere
Mina Lee Fish Market
Tanya Linney Living on the Ceiling
Meredith Marshallsea Untitled (Carpark) 2021
Claudia Mazzotta The Chaos of Motherhood
Laurie McKern 10am at the Pheasant Hotel
Heather Miller Yellow Switch
Nikky Morgan-Smith Hysteresis
Christine Nagle Girl with a Whippet
Dilara Niriella But, where are you actually from?
Marika Osmotherly Burdened
Natalie Popovski Lego Kitty
Gemma Rasdall Postcards From Tasmania
Vicki Ratcliff Life on the Edge
Geraldine Richards Near Home
Alethea Richter Untitled (Dissolution 1)
Cate Riley 10 Views
Justine Roche Traces II
Luisa Romeo "Scratch the surface, there we all bleed"
Si Yi Shen Thrive
Catherine Sim Bruny Island Storm
Elwira Skowronska Deep Eclipse
Elwira Skowronska Eclipse 4
Chanel Sohier The Line of Flight
Lilli Stromland Onkaparinga 7.3
Sylvie Veness Dear Elizabeth
Zena Vix 8 Pieces of Cutlery
Peta West Old Coast Road
Naomi Zouwer The Rug Beater

Indigenous Emerging

First Name Surname Artwork
Freyja Fristad Interference of Perception: Rhopography (Lamp)
Tjulyata Kulyuru Tjukula / Waterholes
Stacia Yvonne Lewis Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Tjukurpa)
Kim Morrison Elders
Sonia Namarnyilk Mimih Spirit
Basma Nulla Yawkyawk
Patricia Phillipus Napurrula Kapi Tjukurrpa
Amy Scotty Ngayuku Ngura - My Country