Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize : Finalists

2022 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners

Professional Artist Winner

Lara Merrett – Dusking (Nature Banner)

Emerging Artist Winner

Nazila Jahangir – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Indigenous Emerging Artist Winner

Melinda Gedjen – Woven Mat

People’s Choice Award Winner

Janet Luxton – On Mt Olympus

Congratulations to the 2022 Highly Commended Recipients

Professional Artist category
Amrita Hepi – Movement of Place
Kerry McCarthy Madawyn – Syaw (Fish Net)

Emerging Artist category
Rae Begley – The Keeper of the Land 1, 2020
Caroline Gasteen – Background Tabs in Parallax

Indigenous Emerging Artist category
Louise Daniels – Dune 1
Bree Riley – The Weight of the Things I’ve Seen

Live Stream of the Opening Night and Announcement of Winners.

Gallery Tour of Exhibition

Congratulations to our 2022 Finalists


First Name Surname Artwork
Maree Azzopardi Pilgrimage #1 
Anindita Banerjee
Sophie Bray Oceanic Surface #18
Michelle Cawthorn Flutter
Erika Cholich Broken
Carolyn Craig  citational Take-away
Dagmar Cyrulla Day by Day
Claudia Damichi Boogie Woogie Chess Club
Jo Darvall Winged Realm -Summer 2021 
Penelope Davis Spout
Tamara Dean Dysrhythmia
Kelly Doley In Memory
Christine Druitt-Preston Home alone
Pippin Drysdale The Patterning of Light - Breakaway Series II 2021 - Bush Tomato Collection 0749
Linda Fardoe Travelling Vicariously
Maria Fernanda Cardoso 590 Eucalyptus Kingsmillii medium square
Honor Freeman Bleach
Kath Fries Enthrall
Becky Gibson Suburban Spaces
Liberté Grace ASCENSIO
Amrita Hepi Movement of Place 
Bridget Hillebrand Tidal
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger Veits Height Unseen
Jennifer Keeler-Milne Wattle 2020
Waratah Lahy Afternoon Walk with Coronavirus
Janet Luxton On Mt Olympus
Marie Mansfield One eyed dog
Donna Marcus 'San Francisco'
Deborah Marks The Clue
Tania Mason Washed away into a little inversion
Sally Mayman Sublime Avalon Beach
Kerry McCarthy Madawyn Syaw (Fish Net)
Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty Awurrapun (Saltwater Crocodile creation)
Lara Merrett Dusking (Nature Banner)
Lucy O'Doherty Wall of Flowers
Cynthia Orr Take Me Back
Vicki Parish through emptiness, away
Pamela Pauline A Little Life
Lyn Raymer Still Frame (Sha Tin)
Sarah Rhodes Under a Cloudy Sky
Lynne Roberts-Goodwin 'everything remains #6' from BEYOND THIS POINT series 2020 
Wendy Sharpe Taylor Fontaine and the Magda Szubanskis Drag Comedy Band 
Yuri Shimmyo Time management
Cara-Ann Simpson cadere in amore cum anima terrae III (to fall in love with the soul of the earth III)
Kate Stehr Scribing Tools II
Catherine Stringer Granville Gloria
Julie Sundberg Infected Landscape
Robyn Sweaney All our histories
Hiromi Tango Sunrise Dreams 
Janet Tavener Amphibious Assault - Australia
Sarah Tomasetti Incoming Snows
Rosemary Valadon Night Music
Jeska Valk A Thread of History 
Marisa Veerman Thereupon
Dianna Wells Seed Capital
Judith White Sydney Park: Windy Day
Naomi White Afternoon In Mission Forest
Caroline Zilinsky The Wedgwood Heart


First Name Surname Artwork
Rae Begley The Keeper of the Land 1, 2020
Rachel Boggs Encoded 13
Chris Byrnes Drawing Softly
Sophie Dalgleish Whispering journeys 
Sarah Edmondson Intermittent Error
Lynne Flemons Dam, Kelton Plain 
Tina Fox The Sentinel
Ariella Friend Burnt Forest Algorithm
Amanda Galbraith My Sleepy Fox and Me.
Caroline Gasteen Background Tabs in  Parallax 
Sue Grose-Hodge Micrarium
Melissa Guest The Charlotte & Woolwich Dock
Amanda Hale Part of the Silence
Peta Harvey I Read The News Today
Lucy Hersey La Niña III (rose)
Annarie Hildebrand It's All a Balancing Act 
Nazila Jahangir A Midsummer Night's Dream
Lauren Joffe Balancing 
Brittany Jones It feels worse than it looks
Irene Anna Koroluk 50 Shades of Lichen
Karlina Mitchell Home is Memory - The Mountains
Robbie Neal Found and Lost
Yuria Okamura Night Bloom
Vicki Osmond Boardwalk
Samantha Paxton The Fish Girl
Jasmine Poole Take Away
Mary Preece Quiver #4
Kristen Radge Encountering Sites Disrupted
Karen Salter Mr Erdi's House
Kelly Marie Slater Inscribe Flow
PJ Smith The world outside the window
Lisa Stonham Self-Talk (Chromatic Aberration)
Lilli Stromland Domesticity 2022
Emma Thorp Illumination
Kate Vella Vintage Kitchenware
Lilli Waters Tulpenmanie
Allie Webb Paul's Dinner
Roxy Xie Day 240 of 262 or Self Portrait no.3
Belinda Yee Untitled

Indigenous Emerging

First Name Surname Artwork
Vera Cameron Merlemerle
Louise Daniels Dune 1
Melinda Gedjen Woven Mat
Juanita McLauchlan My Journey
Marie Mudgedell Purkitji Camp 
Bree Riley The Weight of the Things I've Seen
Erica Shorty Tjulpu Kirrkinpa (Bird Family)