Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize : Finalists

Past Prizes - 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 Winners

The 2019 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize Professional Artist Prize of $35,000 has been won by Joanna Braithwaite for her oil on canvas artwork, Bold and the Beautiful, a bold and delightfully humorous work. A masterful painting which characterises our unique Australian birds whilst celebrating the eccentric in all of us. Chris Casali has won the Emerging Artist’s Prize of $5,000 for her graphite watercolour, Mutawintji Dreaming, an intriguing shimmering dreamscape; a complex work which conjures the space of the imagination.

Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize_winners and Anne Johnstone and Mark Steinert

Anne Johnstone, Ravenswood Principal, Joanna Braithwaite, Professional Artist winner, Chris Casali, Emerging Artist winner and Mark Steinert, Chair of Ravenswood Foundation.

Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize Professional Artist Winner Joanna Braithwaite

Joanna Braithwaite won the Professional Artist Prize for her artwork Bold and the Beautiful.

Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize Emerging Artist winner Chris Casali

Chris Casali won the Emerging Artist Prize for her artwork, Mutawintji Dreaming.

Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize Sponsors

Congratulations to artists who received Highly Commended recognition for their artworks

Professional Artists

  • Leila Jeffreys: Rain and June
  • Abbey McCulloch: Mammoth
  • Tamara Dean: Endangered 1

Emerging Artists

  • Jess Leonard: Lawrence to the Sky
  • Elaine Green: Heading Home
  • Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario: Farewell Angelina

2019 Finalists

Congratulations to the 2019 Finalists in the Professional Artist and Emerging Artist categories of the Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize. The winners of both categories were announced at the Opening Night on 31 May 2019 at Ravenswood, Henry Street, Gordon. Thank you to all artists for entering the Art Prize this year and for helping to raise the profile of female artists in Australia.

Professional Artist Prize

First Name Surname Artwork
Margaret  Ackland Present Tense
Julianne Ross Allcorn Faciens Hospites
Vanessa Ashcroft Dark Corner - Ebb Tide
Kate Baker Untitled (Between Intimacy and Trespass) #1
Joanna Braithwaite Bold and the Beautiful
Clare Brodie Where Ever You Go I'll Go
Cash Brown Fame (after Artemisia Gentileschi and Anna Ruysch)
Fran Callen Where the trees are scraping to the sky
Elisa Jane Carmichael Do we see our swamp reeds move with the wind the same way?
Michelle Cawthorn Garden at Manchester Road
Kirsten  Coelho The Voyage 
Dagmar Cyrulla Everything to everyone
Carol Dance Low Tide
Rox De Luca Drops (for Eva Hesse), 2019
Tamara Dean Endangered 1
Carolyn Dew The Side Fence
Waru at Watarru
Adrienne Doig Everyday Me
Matilda Dumas Drought Breaker
Katherine Edney Hayley Mary
Merran Esson Autumn
Harrie Fasher Untitled / Hung II
Betina Fauvel-Ogden Dangerous Cargo
Zimmi Forest Ancient Songs of My Lineage
Kath Fries Respire
Anna Glynn George Stubbs' 1773 Inflatable Dingo 
Naomi Grant Door to the dreaming
Jenny Green Vertex 1
Michelle Hamer Are You Having a Good Night?
Lee Harrop That is gold which is worth gold ii
Kate Hopkinson-Pointer 'Camp light'
Leila Jeffreys Blue Blossoms
Leila Jeffreys Rain and June
Pia Johnson Eurasian in Singapore #2
Alicia King Theories of dark energy
Beatrice Magalotti The Three Dancers
Sally Mayman Takayna Saltwater
Abbey  McCulloch Mammoth
Sue Michael Ok Used Cars, Eudunda Streetscape
Kate Mitchell Hypnotised Into Being
Anne Morrison Night Crossing
Mona Nangala Tali 283-18
Beyula Puntunkga Napanangka Kalinykalinypa Tjukurrpa 183-18
Lyn Raymer Mercury
Tracey Schramm Our Souls have Sight-Morandi
Lara Scolari Chrysalis
Wendy Sharpe Self Portrait with Circus Banner
Valerie Sparks Pomegranate Seeds: a Work in Progress
Jacqui Stockdale Duel of the Mount 1
Debbie Symons Limacina Helicina Antarctica - The butterfly effect
Lucy Vader It was shepherd's delight
Judith van Heeren Sea garden with purple sponge 
Patricia Van Lubeck The no one
Judith White Harbour II
Deborah Williams Shift and still
Lauren Williamson Ariadne Adrift in a Pale Land
Patricia  Wilson-Adams Marginal country
Zoe Young 'Scenes from a Cook Book'


Emerging Artist Prize

First Name Surname Artwork
Louise Allerton Interplay
Eleanor Amiradaki XOXO
Angeline Bartholomeusz Endangered V
Rae  Begley Memorial of Fragility, Chacabuco, Chile 2018
Deanne Brogan Little Peaces 08052018-4 Tender Crossings
Michelle Burns The Black Dog
Michelle Burns The Standoff
Chris Casali Mutawintji Dreaming
Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario Farewell Angelina
Sophie Dalgleish meditation
Madi Daugaard The Preserved
Sally Davis Enamelware in Vintage Shop with Street Reflections
Sally Davis Vintage Shop with Antique Bottles and Street Reflections
Kate Debbo Stack
Janine Dello Never Again
Celia Dymond Coast
Lucy Fahey Looking Left
Gina Fenton Into the Void
Carrie Fraser #16.2.0/2017
Bridget Frawley Community of Minds
Eliza Gosse Your Yellow Brick Holding Up The Sky
Elaine Green Heading Home
Louise Gresswell Untitled (pink and green)
Graziela Guardino Reverse
Amanda Hale A month in the country
Janelle Hatherly Contemplating Mary
Jude Hungerford From above [day/night]
Rhi Johnson Makeshift Heartrace
Natasha Junmanee Transient Beauty
Sally Kent Pod Series 2018
Dara Kretschmer Something There Is
Dara Kretschmer mending time
Carly Le Cerf Gone Bush
Jess Leonard Laurence, to the sky
Lynette Lewis Tali (sanddune)
Samantha Mackie Site Map #2
Samantha Mackie The Duty Of DNA
Sara Morawetz Acts of Inexactitude IV
Vanessa Newell The melodrama of dressing
Dilara Niriella Ruth Faerber
Eva Nolan The Pinned Moth Cannot Fly (1 of 8)
Mary Peacock  The Moon and the South Esk River
Clare Peters  Beneath the Shadows
Maria Radun Devotion
Eloise Rankine The Space Between Us
Gemma Rasdall The Derwent
Gwen Robson Brain Fog
Catherine Sim Road Trip Monaro
Fiona Smith Washing away, Freshwater
Samantha Stephenson In the middle, we dance
Lisa Stonham Untitled Scene
Lisa Stonham Untitled Colour Compositions - (Series One)
Lilli Stromland Toaster
Jill Talbot Mary
Clare Unger Domestic bliss
Emma Ward Immaterial
Cathy Yarwood-Mahy "The Light Returns"
Yeliz Yorulmaz A Study of Many