2017 Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Price

Past Prizes - 2017 Art Prize

Congratulating Our 2017 Winners

The 2017 Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize Professional Artist Prize of $35,000 was won by Blackheath artist, Joan Ross for her digital animation work, Colonial Grab, based on a landscape painting by John Glover. Katrina Collins, a painter from Haberfield in Sydney's inner west won the Emerging Artist Prize of $5,000 for her richly coloured and joyful abstract work, Split Complimentary.

Ravenswood Principal, Mrs Anne Johnstone says the school is extremely proud to have initiated the national prize for women. 'At Ravenswood, we value art highly and our students achieve a great deal of success. The prize reflects our commitment to nurturing and supporting creativity not only for practising artists but for our own students and emerging artists. We are very grateful to our sponsors Stockland, The Art Scene and Buildcorp for their financial support of the 2017 Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize.'

Joan Ross 2017 Professional Artist Winner with Principal Anne Johnstone and Ravenswood's Coordinator of Visual Arts, Edwina Palmer

Winner of 2017 Professional Artist Prize: Joan Ross, Colonial Grab

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Winner of the 2017 Emerging Artist Prize: Katrina Collins, Split Complimentary

2017 Ravenswood Australian Women’s
Art Prize Finalists

Lisa Anderson (Professional) - Frozen Tide
Susan Andrews (Professional) - Off-centre
Louisa Antico (Professional) - Star Dust
Kylie Banyard (Professional) - Elaine Ruth and Anni
Elizabeth Barnett (Professional) - Autumn Table
Rose Basile (Emerging) - After the Shearing
Lauren Berkowitz (Professional) - Visceral Forms
Joanna Braithwaite (Professional) - Thinking Cap
Di Bresciani (Professional) - White Sound
Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox (Professional) - Universal Code
Clare Brodie (Professional) - Last of the Summer Light
Phillipa Butters (Emerging) - Night time's display
Filippa Buttitta (Professional) - Portrait of an Artist - a Flourishing Career
Fiona Cabassi (Professional) - Pink crackle pop green
Sophie Cape (Professional) - Awake O Sleeper
Michelle Cawthorn (Professional) - A Wandering Thought
Magda Cebokli (Professional) - Foci
Ellie Chalmers-Robinson (Emerging) - Monkey Bars 2017
Jacky Cheng (Professional) - Dharma Wheel
Katrina Collins (Emerging) - Split Complimentary
Melissa Coote (Professional) - Heart
Penny Coss (Professional) - Bloom Traces
Fiona Cotton (Professional) - Porcelain and Figs
Vicki Cullinan (Professional) - Kililpi Munga (Night Stars)
Vivienne Dadour (Professional) - Correspondence:Making History
Sophie Dalgleish (Emerging) - 4 windows
Sally Davis (Emerging) - Ella and a Butterfly
Rox De Luca (Professional) - Flourish (Not)
Tamara Dean (Professional) - The Quarry The Burn
Anne Delaney (Emerging) - Terpsichore 5
Sofie Dieu (Emerging) - Swirl I
Christine Druitt-Preston (Professional) - Step into the Garden - Rosebank 2016
Susie Dureau (Professional) - Wild Dawn
Amy Dynan (Professional) - Poppies - Beauty for Ashes
Anne Fontaine (Emerging) - Lichen
Sai Wai Foo (Emerging) - Cloud Catcher
Belinda Fox (Professional) - Tilt II
Cathy Franzi (Professional) - Flannel Flower
Adrienne Gaha (Professional) - Sirens
Anna Glynn (Professional) - Flourish - Metamorphosis
Jane Guthleben (Emerging) - Lindy reflecting
Anne Hayes (Professional) - Banksia seedpod
Suze Heymans (Professional) - Earth and Sky
Di Holdsworth (Professional) - Honeymoon at the Skyway Hotel
Polly Hollyoak (Emerging) - Taking Flight
Eunjoo Jang (Emerging) - Poetics of intertwined space
Sandra Kiris (Professional) - Becoming

Joanna Kitas (Professional) - The Lion And The Wardrobe
Amber Koroluk-Stephenson (Emerging) - Foreign Object II
Madeleine Luschwitz (Professional) - Psychic Wandering
Gemelle Madigan (Professional) - this is what a Dream of Humble Coral looks like....
Deborah Marks (Professional) - Sate of Grace
Melinda Marshman (Emerging) - Blossom Sky
Laura Matthews (Professional) - Coastline reimagined
Myra Mitchell (Emerging) - Somewhere Over the Mountain
Victoria Monk (Professional) - Menindee
Christina Newberry (Professional) - Sacha
Fran Nott (Emerging) - Allow them to flourish
Anne Numont (Emerging) - Legacy II
Veronica Oborn Jefferis (Professional) - Flourish - Into the Blue
Angela Parragi (Emerging) - Larry Sitsky Composing
Pamela Pauline (Professional) - Red Billed Quelea Migration
Sue Pedley (Professional) - Palimpsest
Carolyn Pettigrew (Emerging) - Struggle on the Canning Stock Route
Jenny Pollak (Professional) - Bloodlines
Catriona Pollard (Emerging) - Dreaming
Marisa Purcell (Professional) - Expanse
Deborah Ralph (Professional) - Memorium
Amelda Read-Forsythe (Professional) - Treaty
Jeannette Rein (Professional) - Mirabilis
Joan Ross (Professional) - Colonial Grab
Marnie Ross (Emerging) - Exposure
Penny Ryan (Emerging) - Heartland
Tracey Schramm (Professional) - Haunt Startle and Way-Lay, Suspended Kohlrabi
Valentina Schulte (Emerging) - Aqua Silva
Valerie Sparks (Professional) - Le Vol 4
Kate Stewart (Emerging) - The Cave 2017
Julie Strawinski (Emerging) - Gemstones (pentaptych)
Vicki Sullivan (Professional) - Verismo
Derryn Tal (Professional) - Utopia
Wendy Teakel (Professional) - Micro Climate II
Rosemary Valadon (Professional) - Spring Tondo
Kate Vassallo (Emerging) - Charting Nothing
Judith White (Professional) - Prelude No.1: The Rising
Shona Wilson (Professional) - Offering No.6
Bronwyn Woodley Graham (Professional) - Driving Home